Feeders & Screeners / Dedusters

We provide expertise in Feeding systems. In this capacity, we can offer the best technology in Vibratory Feeders, Screw Feeders and Belt Feeders.

Vibratory Feeders: Eriez Magnetics

Vibratory Feeders - Eriez' Eriez Vibratory Feeders are at work every day in a broad range of industries, including Aggregates, Ceramic, Chemical, Coal, Food, Glass, Light Industries, Metalworking, Minerals Processing, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Plastics & Rubber and Recycling. Eriez vibratory equipment effectively and efficiently conveys, screens and feeds materials in quantities ranging from a few spoonfuls to tons per hour. If the many standard systems available are not quite right for your operation, custom designs are available to suit your specific needs.

With their totally enclosed patented magnetic drive, Light and Medium Duty Feeders are perfect for feeding practically any bulk material-from micron size to bulk chunks. They feature solid state controls, which operate the state-of-the-art feeders with "watch like" precision. Custom designs are available and may include multiple drives, enclosed trays or screens. Additionally, a wide variety of standard and special trays are available.

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Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders: AEC

AEC offers a wide variety of Blend and Reclaim machines for all of your plastic manufacturing needs. Our full-line of blend and reclaim equipment includes: Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders.

AF Series Volumetric Additive Feeders feature accuracy and dependability in precision metering of color concentrate, regrind, and other additives. Proven mechanical features include modular design for one or two materials, low-profile throat section, and an easy-to-clean, interchangeable stainless steel auger assembly.

DD Series Digital Dosing System offers precise additive feeding for almost any plastics machine, for injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion. The DD Series Dosing System uses a variable speed DC drive motor and dosing disc to precisely feed pellet or powder additives, at the set rate, into the throat of the processing machine. Precision design disc's and closed loop control ensures high accuracy, dependability and repeatability.

AF1000 Series Gravimetric Additive Feeder features a compact, gravimetric additive feeder that allows it to accurately meter additives as well as track material usage. The AF1000 is designed to work in all molding and extrusion applications for pelletized material. - Consistent, accurate operation and repeatability, even at very low output rates. If there is a deviation from set additive weight, the AF1000 will automatically self-adjust to ensure proper measurements.

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Belt Feeders: BW Sinclair

Sinclair Series 500-VBF Belt Feeders include manual screw take-ups, vertical full-length skirtboards for material confinement, and heavy-duty seal welded steel frames with deck plates. Adjustable sealing skirts are installed full length to contain the product and provide a dust seal when coupled with bolted or clamped top covers. A manual jackscrew adjustment vertical flow-regulating gate is integral with the skirt frame to allow manual control of the burden depth.

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Vibratory Screeners: Eriez

High capacity gyratory units for high viscosity liquid/solid separation, and wet or dry classification are available from Eriez.This equipment offers easy operation when tuning to specific feed rate, product and separation requirements. Other benefits offered from this equipment include no damping under loads in addition to long screen life. Inline screeners are also available.

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