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NIKKISO is global leader in the field of cryogenic submersible pumps and enjoys a unique position with its canned motor pumps, predominantly used in the chemical and process industry.


Gashor is a leader in the field of industrial machinery for food. They specialize in equipment for the storage, transport, dispensing and micro-dispensing of any ingredient in the food sector. With more than 60 years’ experience and the guarantee of having worked with more than 3000 customers, they work in more than 15 countries, which makes them the best partner for your industrial food projects, whatever your needs.

Premier Material Handling Systems and Components

With over 100 years of combined material handling experience, Delta Ducon's product line is leading the industry for dry bulk material handling especially when material is considered as abrasive, severe, or difficult to handle.


Conveyors move materials quickly from one location to another efficiently and accurately. We offer expertise in Vibratory Conveyors for both sanitary and non-sanitary heavy duty applications.

Feeders & Screeners / Dedusters

We provide expertise in feeding systems. In this capacity, we can offer the best technology in Vibratory Feeders, Screeners and Volumatic Feeder Machines.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are widely used in every industry. We specialize in Gasketed Plate and Frame, All Welded, and Shell and Plate heat exchangers from Tranter.

High Shear Mixers & Homogenizers

Our In line and top mounted mixers provide the high shear necessary for deagglomeration and emulisificaiton. These mixer are perfect for wetting, hard-to-wet powders.

Liquid Mixers and Agitators

We provide a variety of mixers including Portable, High Shear, Fixed Mount, Sanitary, Side Entry, Magnetic Drive, Static, In-Line, Bottom and Top Entry.

Magnetic Separators

Our magnets can remove ferrous contaminants or tramp metal from you process. We offer electro and permanent magnets in ceramic and rare earth strengths. Magnetic Separators; Magnetic Traps; Plate Magnets; Grate Magnets; Magnetic Tubes; and Magnetic Humps, Suspended Permanent and Electromagnets, Magnetic Head Pulleys, Drum Magnets and Rare Earth Roll Magnets.

Metal Detectors & Separators

Our Xtreme® metal detectors feature an exclusive easy to learn and use control display.

Metering Pumps

Every metering pump made by LEWA is designed with particular strengths: Whether your needs include energy-efficiency, low maintenance costs, or an extremely long service life for diaphragms. Or perhaps you are looking for a metering pump model that can handle supercritical fluids and liquid gas, or one that meets the highest requirements and demands of the oil and gas, chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, or food and beverage industry.


Industrial ovens and furnaces for most heat treating and processing applications.