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For mixing solids and solids or solids and liquids together.


For process cooling below 85 deg F. Package Chillers, Portable Chillers, Central Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pump Tank Assemblies, and Blown Film Coolers.


The liquid-ring compressor with its nearly isothermal compression cycle eliminates explosion hazards and the need for aftercoolers. The flexible choice of materials, shaft packing and seal liquids make these compressors ideally suited for corrosive gases


Conveyors move materials quickly from one location to another. Leonard Engineering offers expertise in Vibratory Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators and Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors.

Dehydrators and Dryers

We specialize in dehydrators used to remove moisture from plastic products prior to their forming in order to improve finished part quality.

Feeders & Screeners / Dedusters

We provide expertise in Feeding systems. In this capacity, we can offer the best technology in Vibratory Feeders, Screw Feeders and Belt Feeders.

Granulators / Grinders / Shredders

We can recommend a wide range of machine sizes and designs to suite your particular applications. These are designed to process scrap or recycled materials into regrind. We are aptly qualified to help you choose from a wide range of size reduction/granulation equipment and systems.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are widely used in every industry. We specialize in Gasketed Plate and Frame, All Welded Shell and Plate, Brazed Plate, and Spiral Heat Exchangers. Leonard Engineering also represents Wet Surface Air Coolers from Alfa Laval Niagara.

High Shear Mixers & Homogenizers

Our In line and top mounted mixers provide the high shear necessary for deagglomeration and emulisificaiton. These mixer are perfect for wetting, hard-to-wet powders.

Liquid Mixers and Agitators

We provide a variety of mixers including Portable, High Shear, Fixed Mount, Sanitary, Side Entry, Magnetic Drive, Static, In-Line, Bottom and Top Entry.

Magnetic Separators

Our magnets can remove ferrous contaminants or tramp metal from you process. We offer electro and permanent magnets in ceramic and rare earth strengths. Magnetic Separators; Magnetic Traps; Plate Magnets; Grate Magnets; Magnetic Tubes; and Magnetic Humps, Suspended Permanent and Electromagnets, Magnetic Head Pulleys, Drum Magnets and Rare Earth Roll Magnets.

Metal Detectors & Separators

Our Xtreme® metal detectors feature an exclusive easy to learn and use control display.


Industrial ovens and furnaces for most heat treating and processing applications.


We specialize in services that are difficult to pump or where seal and pump maintenance costs need to be reduced. We offer Centrifugal Pumps and others.


We can provide expertise in Vacuum Receivers and Systems.

Temperature Control

We can provide process temperature control and heating systems.

Vacuum and Steam Ejectors

Stem ejectors provide vacuum in many process industries and utility companies.

Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are simple and highly reliable vacuum pumps used in a wide variety of industries.